At our school we aim to enable all pupils to read a range of texts fluently and with understanding and to have confidence in themselves as readers. We aim for all of our children to find pleasure in reading for information, interest, entertainment and purpose. Above all, we hope to install an awareness that reading is necessary for their personal lives, for learning throughout the curriculum and for working and living in our society.

To successfully acheive this for all pupils, the school maintains an environment that rich in reading opportunities, with a wealth of different texts for children to enjoy and from which they can developed their reading skills. Reading is taught acrossthe curriculum, in literacy lessons, as part of the letters and sounds daily lessons and during guided reading sessions which happen twice a week.
We also recognise that parental involvement in children's reading is also important. Therefore, children are given a group guided reading book that is used in class and then taken home to be shared with parents and carers.
Alongside this, there is a strong and systematic emphasis on the teaching of phonics and other word level skills throughout the school. Through this, pupils are taught to:
  • Discriminate between the separate sounds in words
  • Learn the letters and letter combinations most commonly used to spell those sounds
  • Read words by sounding out and blending their separate parts
As children engrain these initial reading skills and begin to read with fluency, we can then continue to devolop advanced reading skills, reading strategies and text comprehension. At the same time, enabling the children to transfer these skills to their written work.