At our school we believe that writing is a creative, developmental process which should be functional and imaginative. We put value on all children’s writing and  understand that all children have the potential to be successful writers.
Our aim is to enable all children to be able to write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, using spelling, punctuation and syntax accurately and confidently.

To acheive this aim, the development of writing is taught across the whole curriculum and not just during literacy time. We also provide a stimulating and language-enriched writing environment with opportunities to write for a wide variety of purposes. These include:
  • Shared, guided and modelled writing sessions
  • Opportunities in role play to develop language for writing
  • Extended writing sessions to develop and practise skills for writing
  • Writing for real pupose, e.g: posters, menus, guide books
  • Writing for different fiction and non-fiction genres, e.g: Poetry, stories, information writing
  • The display and celebration of children's written work
  • The use of ICT to develop and practise writing in different contexts
  • The use of the library to develop research skills for writing
  • Word bank and dictionary use to promote enriched word choices