Teaching and Learning

Our School Vision

We strive for children to attain their full potential, to develop as caring, responsible, creative individuals who are prepared for life long learning.
We do this by:
  • Providing a nurturing environment where children can learn and explore without fear of criticism.
  • Teachers having the highest expectations for pupil behaviour and academic success.
  • Provision of a curiculum that is stimulating and meets the needs of our children.
  • Raising childrens awareness of the wider world and preparing them for the multicultural society to which they will belong.
  • Giving children a voice, enabling them to talk to adults if they have concerns or problems.
  • Working with parents and the community to provide the very best opportunities to achieve emotional and academic success.

Our Approach

This is achieved through:
  • Providing a safe, well resourced and stimulating school environment.
  • Understanding Children’s innate curiosity and the part this plays in their learning.
  • Teachers being aware of different learning styles of individual children.
  • The setting of stimulating and challenging activities.
  • Providing learning opportunities that ‘make sense’ to the child.
  • Matching work to the differing abilities, needs and interest of children.
  • Learning experiences based on concrete, practical experience and authentic in nature.
  • Easy access to good quality materials and resources.
  • A range of excellent adult support where needed.
  • Embracing the role of parents and learning experiences out of school.
  • Allowing the child to take risks and give support where necessary.
  • Involving them in setting of personal targets.
  • The teaching of skills and knowledge to further develop learning.
  • Giving positive feedback with clear assessment of the way forward.
  • Encouraging children to question and explore outcomes.
  • Maintaining structures and routines in which children can work purposefully.
  • Developing consistent strategies to maintain positive behaviour in the classroom.
  • Teachers having high expectations and conveying these clearly to the child.
  • Re-enforcing learning by linking it to other areas of knowledge and referring to real world learning.
Through these approaches we strive for every child, regardless of gender, race, background or physical capability, to learn to the best of his/her ability. We understand that the key to this success is the quality of the teaching and learning experiences they take part in, and on the relationships between pupils, staff and carers. With our focus on positive, meaningful relationships our pupils self esteem is nurtured and they are provided with a great base on which to learn, where their input is valued and developed sensitively.