Reading Recovery

We are a Reading Recovery school!

Reading recovery is a programme designed to improve the reading and writing skills of children in year 1. During each 30 minute lesson, children read many little books. These include two to three familiar books, a re-reading of the previous day's new book and the introduction and reading of a new story. Children also compose, write and read their own messages or stories. The reading recovery programme usually lasts about 20 weeks.

How does Reading Recovery help pupils?
In Reading Recovery, students received 30-minute lessons each school day for 12 to 20 weeks from a specially trained teacher. The goal of Reading Recovery is to help the child develop successful early reading strategies like: - Directional movement, One-to-one matching, Locating known words and locating an unknown word, which will then lead the child to use more advanced strategies in the future. Magnetic alphabet letters are used for sorting, to assist visual discrimination, and to analyse words. Reading skills, including phonetic skills, are taught in the context of extended reading and writing.
Where does the lesson take place?                                                                         
The lesson takes place in a special Reading recovery area. It is a structured, fast paced session. Pupils will still have a daily literacy lesson with their class teacher, who will work closely with the Reading Recovery Teacher to share successful strategies.