Year 1 Gallery                       
Year 1 is a time when children transfer from the Foundation Stage to the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum. We recognise that this is the children’s first experience of changing classes and teachers, and aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. We understand that young children need to feel safe and secure in a nurturing environment to develop self esteem and learn effectively.

As a school we are committed to experiential, creative and proactive learning because we recognise that this approach to the curriculum allows all children to reach their full potential. In Year 1 your child will be offered a stimulating and active curriculum, which encourages them to be positive and happy learners and enables them to achieve appropriate levels across the curriculum.

We aim to immerse the children in their learning and achieve this through a topic based approach. Each theme generally lasts half a term and permeates all areas of learning.
The topics your child will experience in Year 1 include:




Around the world

Traditional Tales

Imaginary Worlds

Our Seaside Town