Music and singing play a large role in the life of our school. Our aim is that all children fully experience the enjoyment and fun of musical learning in as many different ways as possible. We do this by providing engaging lessons in which the children have experience listening to music, making music with simple instruments and using their voices. At the same time we concentrate on building confidence within each child and encouraging them to develop their full potential.
We are fortunate at our school, that music is taught by a specialist music teacher, as well as by each class teacher. As well as this, children have access to a wide range of diverse classroom instruments for composing and performing  a wide range of music. This has allowed us to fulfil our aim of developing skills in a progressive manner across the three main skill areas used in music making activities - listening and appraising, composing and performing music.

In addition to this, children can also choose to learn to play a range of musical instruments in clubs, or with visiting music tutors and have opportunities through the school year to perform to the whole school, parents and the wider community.