About our School

We are a larger than average infant school situated within the seaside town of Ilfracombe. We have a strong sense of community and are involved in a variety of events and activities within our town.

We are part of a Federation which consists of two schools situated in North Devon: Goodleigh C of E Primary School and Ilfracombe Infant and Nursery School. We have an Executive Headteacher and one governing body who contribute to our current success and help us continue to improve and move forwards. We have three Assistant Headteachers, one for EYFS, Year One and Year Two. We always have an open door and our staff are very friendly and helpful.

Assistant Headteachers

Louise Swift           EYFS
Clare Langmead   Year One
Stuart Boon           Year Two


Kate Gibbon

“Our son is always so happy and excited to go to school. He comes home full of enthusiasm and is happy to share what he has been learning.”

Ilfracombe Infant Parent