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Welcome to Year 2.
At the start of our Autumn term we hold ‘Getting to know you’ meetings with our parents. 
Year 2 is a very important and busy year for you and your child as they undertake SATS assessments in May/June and then transfer to the junior school at the end of the year. We plan and run a detailed transition programme in co-ordination with the Junior school to ensure familiarisation and reassurance for both children and parents. Activities include sports, music and Building Learning Power sessions. There are tours for parents and children and year 3 teachers come and spend time with their new children in their familiar setting.
The topics we will cover in year 2 are:
  Ugly Bug Ball  (Autumn 1)           Celebrations  (Autumn 2)                       
         Around the World (Spring 1)          Roald Dahl (Spring 2)          Our Seaside Town (Summer 1&2) 

We really value relationships with parents and recognise that you are a vital key within your child’s learning process. We encourage and welcome parents to stay with children when they bring them to school in a morning to complete spellings or similar activities as this is a wonderful opportunity to talk and build relationships. We hold parent consultations to discuss your child’s progress during the Autumn and Spring terms followed by a written report in the Summer term. We have home/school contact books which we see as a key tool to communication. In these books weekly planning overviews and weekly spellings are stuck in for parents to see and support at home. Parents are encouraged to record when their child has read and practised spellings. School will also record children’s progress in reading and spelling in here for parents to see. During the year we hold class assemblies and activity workshops which parents are encouraged to attend and help celebrate the children’s learning that has taken place.