Learning Journey

We record each child’s progress by taking photographs and recording what they are doing and what they say. Parents and carers can access their child’s online learning journey through “Tapestry”.  We also share the children’s learning in a regular newsletter and share our planning on the noticeboard. 

Throughout the year we report on each child’s progress either verbally or with a written report. Parents and carers are invited in to share their child’s “Learning Journey” books and report, and staff are available at any time to discuss children’s progress in more detail. 

At the end of the year, the teacher and key person write a more detailed report which is shared with parents and carers and the receiving teacher. Parents and carers will receive the “Learning Journeys” to keep.

“It is genuinely the best thing I ever did to send my children to the school nursery.”

Ilfracombe Nursery Parent