After School Clubs

We are very proud of the range and quality of our after school clubs. Our clubs are free of charge and change regularly so the children can have a range of experiences. We don’t tend to offer clubs for children in EYFS for the first term as the children are quite tired by the end of the school day.  All clubs run until 4.15 pm.

Autumn Term


  • Construction: Y1
  • Construction: Y2
  • Multi Skills: Y2


  • Tennis: Y2
  • Outdoor Play: Y1


  • Football: Y1
  • Ball Skills and Games: Y1


  • Ball Skills and Games: Y2
  • Trike and Bike: Y1
  • Multi Skills: Y2


  • Exeter City Football: Y2

If you have any suggestions or skills that you could bring to our after school clubs, please let us know.