From September 2011 there is one permissible admission date in September for all children. Parents can choose a graduated or part time entry into school. Further details can be found in the new admissions policy. There is no longer a two term admission date.

Children enter Ilfracombe Infant & Nursery School in accordance with the Devon’s Admission Policy.
IIlfracombe Infant & Nursery School Admissions Policy 2017/18 can viewed on our About Us page under School Policies.

As part of Devon's Admisson policy parents are asked to apply online; details of which can be obtained here.
As part of our open school ethos, visits from prospective parents are very welcome. These can easily be arranged by contacting the schools administrative staff.

Also, as part of our admission process, during the term prior to starting school all families are offered a place in our well-established induction programme "Getting to know School".