RE (Religious Education)
Religious education is about the distinctive ways in which human beings express their understanding and experiences of life. It provides children with opportunities to reflect upon human experiences that give rise to fundamental questions of life, and to consider values and commitments.
This is done in the context of some of the world’s living faiths. Providing opportunities to study Christianity and other religions of the UK. Through RE we hope to contribute to the development of the pupil’s own beliefs, values and sense of identity. As a result, promoting those attitudes and values necessary for responsible citizenship in a democratic and pluralistic society.
The main aims of RE in our school include:
  • Encouraging a reflective approach to living
  • Enabling pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of Christianity and some other religions of the UK
  • Providing pupils with opportunities to reflect on their experiences of life
  • Contributing to the development of their own beliefs and values


In addition to these aims, we expect pupils to develop attitudes such as a willingness to explore the religious and spiritual experiences of humanity and a commitment to searching with an open mind.