For all young children science is an introduction to the real world around them. It is a body of knowledge built up through the experimental testing of ideas, and a practical way of finding reliable answers to questions we may ask about the world around us. Science in our school is all about developing children’s ideas and ways of working that enable them to make a sense of the world in which they live through practical investigation.
We believe that good Science teaching should foster and reflect the natural curiosity and interests of the children. That From am early age children should be able to learn to explore, handle things and experiment. So, from this starting point, our children are taught to observe, to make predictions, to match, to sort and measure in order to develop their scientific skills and knowledge. They are also encouraged to talk about their experiences, observations and investigations in order to develop their scientific vocabulary and record conclusions.
Science really should be an enjoyable way for children to find out more about, and to build up an understanding of the world around them in a practical manner. We feel that this is exactly what we provide for the children during their time at school. 

Through our approach to teaching science we hope to:
  • Prepare our children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world
  • Provide imaginative, purposeful, well managed and enjoyable learning experiences
  • Help our children acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas
  • Helping develop and extend our children’s scientific concept of their world
  • Foster an understanding of, and active care for, our environment
  • Build on the children’s natural curiosity and develop a scientific approach to problems
  • Help our children to acquire practical scientific skills
  • Develop their skills of investigation - including observing, measuring, predicting and experimenting
  • Developing the use of scientific language, recording and techniques
  • Enable them to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data
  • Encourage open-mindedness, self-assessment, perseverance and responsibility
  • Develop the children’s social skills to work cooperatively with others

Above all else, we aim to provide our children with exciting and enjoyable experiences while learning science. Experiences that will develop in them, a deep and lasting interest in the world around them.