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We would like to welcome you to Reception. Most children have started attending school full time now, and what a wonderful start it has been! There is always so much to learn, new places, faces and new names and this is such an exciting time for you and your child. You have all been busy attending meet your teacher meetings and an information meeting about reading and letters and sounds. Soon there will be parent consultations, please sign up for a time with your teacher. 

After half term there will be a meeting we would like to ask you to attend, where we will inform you about the foundation stage curriculum and the skills we will be teaching and the standards we are aiming to achieve.

 As the weather gets colder, please can you double check that all coats have names on them, and scarves and hats when that weather arrives!


Reception is a very exciting first year at school. Our curriculum is proactive and play based, we encourage the children to become confident and independent learners. Alongside this we begin to teach the children important skills that they will need to extend their learning. Short phonics sessions are taught every day and children will bring home letter sounds and key words to practise at home. The children will bring home a new reading book each week that will have been chosen by the teacher to support the development of reading for your child.
We use a thematic approach to our learning that makes sense to the children. These are our topics:

 Autumn 1

 All About Me

 Autumn 2


 Spring 1

 Around the World

 Spring 2

 People Who Help Us

 Summer 1 & 2

 Our Seaside Town