Home Learning


Routine in learning is important. We suggest that you encourage your child to keep their bedtime routine and get up at the same time as usual on school days.

We understand that this may need to be adapted due to different families’ circumstances, however keeping a routine is something that really helps children with their habits for life.


When children can safely rely upon what will happen during each part of their day or morning, through repeated activities with their own rhythm, their sense of security and well-being is dramatically affected- all of this impacts on their ability to learn and retain information.

Constant changes can often invoke anxiety in the developing child. Healthy, repetitive activities and rhythms ensure that learning is both easier and more effective, as well as helping children to seamlessly flow from one activity to the next.

For example, you could start the day of learning by being outside if possible and finding an activity that links to nature. Then choose an English based activity, followed by physical movement, then some mathematics. Following that could be lunch and then an afternoon of art, music, history or any of the other subjects making sure there is also time for reading. The subjects that benefit from being taught little and often are reading, writing and mathematics. Other subjects work well in blocks of learning, for example spending the afternoon painting, drawing, learning an instrument or starting a history project that could continue the next day.

Our Curriculum

Please make yourselves familiar with the school website, ethos and our curriculum as this will help you to discern some resources from others. It is also important to be mindful of screen time that your children are having. We know that in this time, online learning is going to be used more, but ensuring it is broken up with other activities will ensure your child is developing their whole self.


Please find below a list of resources that we feel will be useful to you. If you have any resources that you feel fit with our ethos, please share them and we will have a look and add them to the page so that as many people as possible can benefit from them.