The use of English is the foundation of all learning. It is the medium of communication and the successful understanding and use of English is a crucial skill for all for educational progress. It empowers the learner and is essential for independent learning and most aspects of every day life. The acquisition and use of English as an integral part of the learning process begins long before children come to school and our emphasis is to continue this learning during their time at school. We also encourage children to use and apply their literacy skills across all curriculum areas, so they can see its relevance in all areas of learning.
All children are given equal opportunities for success and we provide successful intervention programmes for those children who find any aspect of English difficult or, indeed, those who excel.
As set out in the National Curriculum, there are three key areas in which English skills are gained. These are Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. Please click on the links below to find out more information about each of these areas at our school.

Speaking and Listening                   Reading                       Writing